Marchel Duchamp's ready-made and 'The Large Glass'.
Bruno Munari's 'Useless Machines.'
Qubais Reed Ghazala's anti-theory and circuit bending.
Nicolas Collin's hardware hacking.

“The technical object exists not only by virtue of its functioning in exterior
devices (...) but by virtue of phenomena of which it is, itself, the centre. This is
why it possesses a fecundity or non-saturation which grants it a progeny. …
Many abandoned technical objects are incomplete inventions which remain as
an open-ended virtuality and could be taken up once more and given new life
in another field according to the profound intention which informs them, that
is, their technical essence.”
Gilbert Simondon. On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects. 1958.

A parallel attitude is present in the practices which generate
the field of 'arte povera' (trash) and that of noise music. If a noiser uses what
is considered disturbance, error, accident, as musical elements, a painter can
make art of scrap, garbage and obsolete technology: in both cases a
fundamental transformation of the symbolic value of the source material is
actuated. Both present a form of dissensus towards established systems of
production and fruition, proposing the invention of a methodology of creation
that wants to be personal, ethical and free.

Noise_Objects is a series of sculptures made of recycled material, simple
electronic components and micro circuits (using chip CMOS 4093, among
others) which intertwine the hacker's philosophy - diy and intolerance towards
closed systems - with the disruptive conceptual provocation of an art piece.
Noise_Objects are self-standing creatures powered by solar panels,
performing functions that trigger events and reactions belonging to the realm
of symbolic logic and visionary thinking.

This work challenges the perception of the contemporary commodified
environment - and the idea of technical object - through the creation of
machines in the form of self-contained micro-entities performing irrational,
aberrant behaviours which generate processes engendering a semantic clash.

Noise_Objects like viral seeds intersect the city space
disseminating fragments of an alien discourse What's the message they are
trying to tell?